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Clickperbox®, a Galyfeng (Int.) Limited USPTO trademark based in Hong Kong, China, with branches in Shenzhen and Foshan. As a digital marketing agency in China, we provide Chinese digital marketing service to businesses who want Chinese customers in different stages – a startup or a company looking to expand to the next level – We at Clickperbox® can help!

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Industries Clickperbox® Serves:


Luxury fashion, tech innovators, lifestyle, and cultural brands, both local and international.


Food, cosmetics, household appliances, automobiles and more.


B2C consumer products, including daily necessities, fashion, home decor, electronics, and sprots.


Bars, restaurants, Japanese cuisine, buffets, and more.


From early childhood to adult education, private colleges, online courses, and educational consulting.


Traveling agency, hotels, booking, attraction tickets, cultural explorations, leisure resorts.


Financial planning, legal consulting, healthcare, beauty, cleaning services, and personal/business consulting.


Local property management, real estates, commercial property, realtors

What Clients Say About Clickperbox®

We are interviewed by over 15 mainstream top medias in China including China Central Television (CCTV), People’s Daily and Zhejiang Satellite TV.

Chinese Digital Marketing Services Clickperbox® provides:

Baidu Business Wiki Profile

List your business on Baidu Business Wiki for authority and trustworthiness

Chinese SEO

Internal On-Page SEO; SEO Blog; Backlinks; Forum Links to max your traffics

Chinese Influencer Marketing

Douyin KOL UGC; Little Red Book XHS KOL UBC

Chinese Q&A / FAQ Marketing

The "Chinese Version" of Quora marketing

Chinese Website Localization

Dedicated Chinese localized content fo official website to target massive Chinese market.

Chinese Press Release

Top Chinese Medias Press Release service including Sino, Tencent, iFeng, and moore

Meet Our Clients who believe in Clickperbox®

Clickperbox has helped over 100 brands from all different sizes for their marketing need.

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