Wechat Public Account Management Service

Enter the world of WeChat, China’s largest social media platform, with our Wechat Public Account Management Service. This service is essential for businesses across the globe aiming to establish a presence on WeChat. Often considered the ‘official website’ for companies and brands in China, a WeChat Public Account significantly elevates your brand’s authority and visibility among Chinese audiences. Our service encompasses everything from account setup and verification to content creation and management, ensuring your WeChat presence is engaging, professional, and tailored to your business needs.

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Why a Wechat Public Account is Essential

A Wechat Public Account offers numerous benefits:

  • Broad Reach: Tap into WeChat’s vast user base for unmatched exposure.
  • Customer Engagement: Regular posts and updates provide direct interaction with potential customers.
  • Brand Authority: An active WeChat account enhances your brand’s credibility and authority in the Chinese market.
  • Localized Content: Tailored content resonates with Chinese audiences, fostering stronger connections.

The Process

Our comprehensive management process ensures your success on WeChat:

After your order, you’ll submit your company details for account setup.

We handle the verification process with Tencent, usually within 10 working days.

Post-verification, we set up your WeChat Public Account and provide backend access.

Our team designs your WeChat Public Profile page, aligning it with your brand image.

Professional copywriters localize your business information for WeChat, crafting engaging weekly articles.

Articles, featuring 1500 Chinese words, are posted weekly, along with 3-5 royalty-free images, relevant hashtags, and eye-catching thumbnails.

We offer the opportunity for revisions and feedback on all content.

Each article is distributed in our WeChat groups network for enhanced visibility and follower growth.

Receive detailed monthly reports on views, audience engagement, and other vital metrics.

Ongoing improvements to maintain a highly engaging WeChat presence.

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