Baidu Business Wiki Profile Service

In China and among Chinese communities worldwide, trust in a brand is essential and often begins with a Baidu search. A Baidu-verified Business Wiki Profile ranks at the top in search results, establishing credibility and authority in the market.

Creating a powerful online presence is crucial, and our Baidu Business Wiki Profile Service is designed to achieve just that. This service expertly crafts and lists your business, brand, or personal profile on Baidu Business Wiki (百度百科), ensuring that when potential customers search for you, they find a detailed, credible profile at the top of their search results. Establish your digital footprint in the Chinese market with authoritative and trustworthy information about your company or brand.

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Who is the Service for?

Our service is ideal for business owners, companies, brands, and public figures looking to make an impact in the Chinese market. Whether you’re a global entity or an individual seeking exposure in China, this service is for you. By getting listed on Baidu Wiki (百度百科), you ensure that your audience, regardless of whether they search in Chinese or English, finds comprehensive and accurate information about you. It’s a strategic move for anyone aiming to sell products or services in China or to attract a global Chinese clientele.

The Process

Our process is thorough and tailored to showcase your unique profile:

After placing your order, you’ll be redirected to a form to submit detailed information about your brand, company, or personal profile.

Our team reviews your submission and may contact you for additional details like official website information, company history, and services offered.

Using the provided information, our Chinese copywriting experts craft a draft for your Baidu 百科 profile, employing localization techniques to resonate with the Chinese audience.

The copywriting will comply to the guideline of Baidu. We will send you the draft for review after it is ready.

After your approval, we submit the profile to Baidu 百科, handling all communications during the listing process, which typically takes 2-6 weeks (The Baidu reviewing and approval time).

After it is approved and listed on Baidu, we will send you the URL of the business profile page to your email. 

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