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Welcome to Clickperbox®. As a digital marketing company in China, we’re here to help both international and local businesses thrive in the Chinese market. Our deep understanding of Chinese consumer psychology equips us to offer you the most effective digital marketing strategies for this vast market. Let’s connect and grow together.

Clickperbox® Interviewed by Top Medias in China

Awards Received by Clickperbox®

Clickperbox® Digital Marketing for China has gained significant media attention, featuring on renowned platforms like CCTV and People’s Daily. We’re proud recipients of prestigious awards:

  • The International Branding Award 2023 – China Brand Boao Summit, Hainan China
  • The Marketing Leading Enterprise Award 2023 – China Economic Conference, Beijing China

Clickperbox® Meeting with Former Prime Minister of Italy

On January 13, 2024, Fung Cheng, the founder of Clickperbox®, was very honored to meet with Enrico Letta, the former Prime Minister of Italy, in Shenzhen, China. During his visit, they shared various aspects of both the Western and Chinese markets, including cultures, businesses, and traditions, as well as the huge Chinese market opportunity for Western companies.

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