Why You Want Full Control When You Sell to the Chinese Market


Hey there, Fung Cheng here! Exciting times, folks. You’re looking to sell to the Chinese market, right? And not just sell, but fully command your company and brand. You can trust me; I understand why you wouldn’t want to rely on brokers or middlemen because I’ve been there and done that. Let me guide you through this enormous opportunity today.


Hey, it’s Fung Cheng again! Let’s first establish some context before delving further. You’ve probably heard about the enormous scale of the Chinese market if you’re wanting to sell there. Yes, I’m referring to a rapidly expanding middle class, expanding cities, and a voracious hunger for imports. But this is where things become intriguing.

You could think that everything is unicorns and rainbows with such a big market, am I right? Well, not yet, exactly. To truly tap into this potential and sell to the Chinese market, you must have total control over your business and brand. No middlemen, no intermediaries. Just you and your target customers.

Why is this so crucial? Think about it: you’re not just sourcing your products from China, you’re offering something valuable back to this incredible market. Whether you’re an Amazon FBA seller or an eCommerce entrepreneur, you want to offer the real deal. Nothing diluted, nothing lost in translation.

You can ensure your brand stays true to its core when selling to the Chinese market by exercising total control. My friends, there you have it—the secret to your success in China. I can tell you from experience that you might have a difficult ride if you don’t hold the reins tightly.

After laying the foundation, let’s get into the specifics of succeeding in this lucrative yet confusing sector. Warning: solving some really important puzzles is required. But don’t worry, I have the solutions hidden under my sleeve. Stay tuned!

The Allure of the Chinese Market and Why Full Control Matters

The Allure of the Chinese Market and Why Full Control Matters

I get it, my friends. The Chinese market is not just any market; it’s a colossal wonderland of consumers ready to dive into what you’re offering. We’re talking about an audience that’s in the billions! BILLIONS, you heard me correctly. But you can’t just toss your goods over the Great Wall and wait for the money to come in; it would be too easy.

According to my observations, complete brand control is necessary if you want to efficiently sell to the Chinese market. Why? Because Chinese consumers love authentic and unique experiences. They don’t want watered-down versions offered by some random middlemen. They crave the real thing! And that’s what you can provide if you’re in control.

Three Critical Problems to Solve

Three Critical Problems to Solve

Now, let’s get down to business. You have three big challenges to overcome. The first hurdle is visibility. How will potential Chinese customers even find you? You want them to know you exist. It’s crucial.

The second problem is about information. Alright, they found you. Now what? Where can these potential customers learn more about what you’re offering?

Thirdly, trust. How do you build that all-important relationship of trust? Trust me, in my years of experience, without trust, you’re not going anywhere in this market.

Why a Chinese Translator or Friend Won’t Cut It

Most often the first thought is, “Oh, I have a Chinese friend who can help me translate stuff, or maybe I can hire a local translator.” Sorry to dispel your false hopes, but it is simply too straightforward. These quick fixes might seem like a good idea, but they won’t solve your fundamental challenges when you sell to the Chinese market.

Practical Steps for Total Control

Practical Steps for Total Control

You don’t need to worry because I’ve got you covered. I’ll give you detailed advice on how to get in addition to these challenges and begin profitably selling to the Chinese market if you enter your email in the box below. I’m sure you’ll want to get hands on this.

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