WeChat Group Marketing

The Viral Marketing Strategy to get Chinese customers

Harness WeChat’s power to reach ten of thousands highly targeted Chinese potential customers through our industry-specific groups. With viral potential, we amplify your presence across Chinese-speaking territories, promoting your WeChat content and custom-designed digital flyers. Ideal for businesses like Canadian tax firms or fitness brands expanding in China, our network ensures rapid, focused exposure on this vital platform. WeChat dominates China’s digital landscape, indispensable for engaging Chinese consumers globally, offering unparalleled marketing and communication opportunities.

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The Service

Our “WeChat Group Marketing” service leverages the popularity and reach of WeChat to promote your business directly to your target audience. By distributing ads, product information, and services to WeChat groups within your industry niche, we offer a highly effective and cost-efficient way to increase brand exposure and drive traffic.


  • Extensive Network: Access to thousands of WeChat groups, both in China and globally, including key markets like Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia.
  • Targeted Promotion: Reach Chinese communities worldwide with targeted messaging that resonates with your specific audience.
  • Diverse Content Distribution: Promote a wide range of content including your WeChat personal/business account, WeChat public account articles, XHS posts, official websites, and custom-designed banners.

The Process

Our process is thorough and tailored to distribute your unique marketing message to targeted WeChat Group users:

Start by placing your order for the WeChat Group Marketing service.

You’ll be redirected to a form page (also sent to your email) to provide necessary details for the campaign.

Complete the form with details like your marketing message, product/service information, contact info, and the desired destination for your promotions.

Our team will review your submission and discuss any necessary changes with you.

We’ll match your industry niche and post your content to the relevant WeChat groups.

The posting is generally completed within one day.

Expect new traffic and engagement resulting from the WeChat group marketing.

Receive a list of WeChat groups along with screenshots of the postings for your records.

Our WeChat Group Marketing service is an innovative solution for tapping into the vast potential of the Chinese market, offering direct and effective engagement with one of the world’s largest consumer bases.

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