Zhihu Q&A Marketing Service​ (10 Pack)


This package includes:

  • 10 Dedicated Questions and 10 Answers related to your company and brand
  • Targeted keywords or keyword phrases for SEO
  • Strong Social Proof for massive Chinese market
  • Increase company’s authority and trustworthiness 

Zhihu (知乎) is often referred to as the Chinese equivalent of Quora, the most popular Q&A platform where potential customers frequently pose questions about new brands or companies upon encountering them. Much like on Quora, the responses on Zhihu can significantly impact purchasing decisions as people research there. For instance, queries like “What is the best health supplement brand in Canada?” or “Has anyone heard of ABC Supplement Brand in Canada, and is it good?” often yield numerous answers and brand recommendations on Quora. Therefore, it’s crucial for brand or company owners to anticipate and prepare for potential questions about their business on Zhihu (知乎), as Chinese consumers commonly turn to this platform for information on new market entrants.

Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: See Full Refund policy below.

Note: Price in USD. After placing the order, you will be redirected to a page where you can fill out the necessary information to start the order.

Dive into strategic brand engagement with our “知乎 (Zhihu) Q&A Marketing Service,” crafted for brands to connect with China’s intellectual audience on the premier Q&A platform. It’s perfect for businesses striving for thought leadership and market depth. Experience our unique offering with custom Q&A content, expertly written to echo your brand’s message, engagement-boosting strategies, and in-depth analytics for ongoing enhancement, all aimed at positioning your brand smartly in the Chinese market.

Our comprehensive package includes:

  • Targeted Question and Answer Development: Crafting questions and answers that align with your brand’s message and audience interests.
  • Expert Content Creation: Utilizing our team of professional writers to produce insightful and engaging answers.
  • Content Posting and Management: Seamless handling of your Q&A content’s publication on Zhihu.
  • Engagement and Performance Monitoring: Keeping track of audience interactions and measuring the impact of the Q&A content.
  • Analytical Reporting: Delivering detailed reports on content performance, audience engagement, and insights for future strategy enhancement.

Note: By leveraging the unique platform of Zhihu, our service ensures your brand not only reaches but also resonates with a discerning Chinese audience, amplifying your presence in a competitive market.

Place Order

Once the order has been placed, you will be directed to a form page that our team will need to gather information about your business for the marketing campaign. You will also receive an URL for the form page in your email – so be sure to input valiad email at the check out. Below is the instruction on how to complete the form. If you need any asistant, please contact our team.

You may find the invoice in your email box after placing the order and checkout.

Please choose one type of name that you would like to promote in this marketing campaign. It can be a business name, company name, person name, product name or service name.

Please put your official website so we better understand your business. It can be an English website.

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Documents about your business

You may attached your company PPT, PDF, or any other documents to help us understand more about your business.

Please write any important information about your business to be promoted in this marketing campaign. It can be a paragraph or bullet points.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with our service before posting on Zhihu (知乎) or for any reasons your Q&As are not allowed to be posted on the platform, we will refund you 100% – no question asked! Just send us an email to fung@clickperboxmarketing.com and we will give you a full refund. We rely on repeat customers.


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