Baidu Zhidao FAQ Service

Engage and Inform with Baidu Zhidao

Our “Baidu Zhidao 百度知道” service offers a unique approach for businesses, brands, and companies to engage with their potential Chinese audience. Similar to our Baidu Business Wiki Profile service, this platform allows for the setting of targeted questions about your business. Our professional copywriters then craft fair and objective answers, providing the public with a deeper understanding of your brand. This method is highly effective in educating your audience and enhancing brand recognition.

CC Auto-Captions are available and can be turned on in the YouTube setting

Who is the Service for?

This service is ideally suited for entities aiming to establish an informative presence on Baidu Zhidao. By addressing common FAQs about your business, such as your official website, headquarters location, or presence in China, we help build a bridge of understanding and trust with your Chinese audience.

The Process

Our process is thorough and tailored to showcase your unique Q&A:

After placing your order, you’ll submit your preferred questions about your brand, company, or products.

Our team reviews your questions, ensuring they align with your branding and objectives.

Our experts write answers that are informative, objective, and engaging, tailored to resonate with the Chinese audience.

You review and approve the final answers before submission.

We handle the posting of your questions and answers on Baidu Zhidao.

After posting, we monitor the engagement and provide insights into the audience’s reception.

  1. Receive comprehensive reports on the performance and engagement metrics of your Q&A on Baidu Zhidao.
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